Ok! We had such a fun time with our last contest... that we're going to do it again! We're giving away another $100 gift card! 7/2

This video is (according to the post we found this on) the largest single shell firework to have ever been shot off. Just in time for the 4th of July! We want you to write a caption for this video. Just a quick line or two that sums up this fairly amazing fifteen seconds. (Keep it clean!)

We'll pick a winner at the end of the day on July 5th. (Hint: The one with the most likes is a pretty good bet to get picked!)

You can find official rules on our website. https://www.brookridgeheightsapartments.com/contest-rules

Also... if you won one of our other summer contests this year, you're not eligible to win this one. Enough reading -- get writing! Your caption could win you $100!