Brookridge Heights residents!.. Hope you liked your VIP invites to Sunday’s pool party!! 8/9

You won’t want to miss all the large prize giveaways donated by Eastland Suites Hotel, DoubleTree Hotel, O'Dears, Hy-vee, Fox and Hounds, Marcus Theaters, Go Green Cleaning, Bloomington Normal Spine Clinic , The Spotted Dog, Cort Furniture, Cornbelters, Windjammer, Little Beaver Brewery, Gill Street Bar & Grill, Upper Limits, Braize, Tobins, Hacienda Leon, The Gingerbread House, Core Life Eatery, Astra Furniture and of course a chance to win $100 of your September Rent!

Along with all the prizes we will be serving AMAZING food provided and donated by Signature India, Avanti's, Papa Johns, DP Dough, Insomnia Cookies, DoubleTree Hotel.

Our staff can’t wait to see everyone. P.S. Remember to bring your friends, appetite and get ready to soak in the sun or air conditioning ;-)